Migrants, Displaced People and Refugees, Underrepresented Ethnic Groups, Underprivileged

Sub-Group Name
IAU Sub-Working Group for Migrants, Displaced People and Refugees,
Underrepresented Ethnic Groups, Underprivileged

Coordinator: Emilio Molinari,

Sub-Group Description
This SWG aims at building on the diversity and at eliminating the barriers that
are involved in the presence in a territory of two, usually distinct and differently
weighted groups of people, and where we find the Many and the Few, the latter are
usually forgotten, many times exploited, segregated and object of violence.
But the difference, insider or from far away, always hosts a bio- cultural- diversity
which in the long run will be the seed of survival, progress and evolution. Thus, the
inclusion of these minorities is a challenge and a moral duty of culture and society.
Astronomy has always been the relation between the heavens, that everybody sees
in the same way, and the land, which his differently inhabited by humans. This SWG
can build on such differences, and allow the minorities to be part of the scientific
endeavor, and the majority to experience new frontiers. Combination of the land and
the routes which migration followed can foster the idea that the planet is unique and
for everybody, just like the sky above us.

Sub-Group Goals
 Define first the kind of minorities, classify the common and different aspects of
the categories of migrants and refugees, underrepresented and underprivileged.
 Build an international network aimed to connect and find the communication
channels with the different groups of people, as minorities are really different
in the various places in the world, and the same ethnic group may be majority
or not depending on the situation, place or time, thus reversing the flow of
 Spread good practices that are found to work in the dissemination and
inspiration for astronomy in disadvantaged groups.
 To seek advice and collaboration from organizations that work to establish
best practice in the fields of integration and education (UNHCR to name one).
 Give opportunity to minority people interested in astronomy to follow their
interest, also up to academics.