Motor Impairments

Sub-Group Name
Motor Impairments

Coordinator: Angela Perez Henao


The group on Motor Disabilities of the EC Working Group on Equity and Inclusion is conducting a survey to learn about how physically accessible (or otherwise) are the institutions and astronomical facilities around the world in order to identify and look for ways to address the needs in this area.  

The survey will take you only 5 minutes to complete and is available at the following link: 

Please feel free to share the link with your colleagues at other institutions/facilities. 

You can contact Angela Perez ( if you have any questions or comments regarding the survey.  

Thank you very much for your contribution.

Sub-Group Description
This subgroup of work will meet to analyze, gather references and produce written, audiovisual, sound material that facilitates the approach or learning of astronomy to people with physical disabilities. Additionally, this group describes what type of physical disability there is to understand the learning needs that affect this population. In this way, it will be able to offer learning and dissemination resources for astronomy and other sciences, since astronomy is a science that brings together several lines of knowledge. To achieve the proposed objective it will be important to have a group of experts in astronomy dissemination, as well as designers and specialists in care for people with motor disabilities. both engines.

Main goal
Develop activities to spread astronomy and other sciences with people with motor disabilities

● Provide opportunities for learning about science to people with motor disabilities at various levels, from children to adults.
● Design printing or digital material that promotes science learning.
● Produce audiovisual and sound material for audiences of different ages.

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Este subgrupo de trabajo se reunirá para analizar, reunir referencias y producir material escrito, audiovisual, sonoro que facilite el acercamiento o aprendizaje de la astronomía a personas que tengan discapacidad física. Adicionalmente, este grupo describe qué tipo de discapacidad física hay para entender las necesidades de aprendizaje que aquejan a esta población. De esta manera, podrá ofrecer recursos de aprendizaje y divulgación de astronomía y de otras ciencias, dado que la astronomía es una ciencia que reúne varias líneas del conocimiento. Para alcanzar el objetivo propuesto será importante contar con un grupo de expertos en divulgación de la astronomía, además de diseñadores y especialistas en atención a personas con discapacidad motora.

Objetivo principal
Desarrollar actividades para divulgar astronomía y otras ciencias con personas que tengan discapacidad motora.

● Brindar oportunidades de aprendizaje sobre las ciencias a personas con discapacidad motora en varios niveles, desde el infantil hasta el adulto.
● Diseñar material que promueva el aprendizaje de las ciencias.
● Producir material audiovisual y sonoro para pùblicos de diferentes edades.