Inclusive Outreach

Organizing astronomy-related events accessible to all people, with special reference to those with a disability, requires skills that are not always familiar to those who are involved with astronomy outreach.

As a general consideration, an accessible event or activity is not an event designed exclusively for people with disabilities, but rather one that can be enjoyed by all.

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Good Practices for Inclusive Outreach

Creating an accessible event means giving people with disabilities the possibility to move and use the spaces and services autonomously, without relying on assistance from others.

For the benefit of those who are interested in adopting inclusive practices in their outreach activities, this website gathers some practical guidelines on ho\v to arrange and lead events and activities that are accessible also to people with disabilities: sensory (visual and auditory), motor and cognitive.

These good practices are the result of practical experience of members for the IAU Inclusive Outreach subWorkgroup of the Astronomy for Equity and Inclusion Executive Committee working group and are made publicly available to all.

Star Sizes

Contextualize the different dimensions and the respective proportions of some
stars with respect to the Sun.
Tactile Constellations

Recognize by touch the different shapes of the constellations and the different brightness of the stars.

Planets Distances

Comprehend the distances of the planets of the solar system using a rope and wooden items.

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