Latest NEWS to all IAUS358 Attendees:

*IMPORTANT NOTICE if you are travelling on Saturday, Nov. 16*
Part of the Yamanote line between Ueno and Osaki via Tokyo as well as the Keihin-Tohoku line between Tamachi and Shinagawa will be down until 4 pm and in partial operation until 6 pm on Saturday.
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Get to know who is available in the rooms and their mode: silent or networking. To read who is in the room hit “See previous responses”.


Get to know who is available in the rooms and their mode: silent or networking.
DAY 3 

Talk session 7:
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Relevant information for Participants (II)

on November 08, 2019

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committees, we wish to give you a warm welcome to Japan. Many of you have now started your travels, and we want to wish a safe and pleasant trip. We are excited to welcome you here in Mitaka, in four days.

We want to let you know a few last announcements:

1) Venue Address
The Symposium will take place at the:
NAOJ Mitaka Campus, Address: 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8588, Japan

2) Arrival @Mitaka Campus
Our team will be onsite ready to support you. Upon your arrival, please go to the Guard House (located at the right side of the entrance of the campus gates). Tactile maps are available to be handed at Registration Desk. Given NAOJ policy, we will be issuing a security card for the four days of the Symposium. Please keep it with you at all times. When leaving (on your last day of the Symposium), please return it at the Guard House. 

3) Registration Desk + Main Room @Subaru Building
Our team will be onsite ready to support you upon your arrival and to guide you to the Registration Desk and the Main Room where the Symposium will take place. 

4) Facilities Room
quiet room will be available for the participants in need. A prayer room (we kindly ask you to bring your own religious items and reserve it at the Registration Desk) and a breastfeeding room will also be available (please contact our colleagues on-site). You can ask more information at the Registration Desk. 

5) Eventee, the event app
With this app, you will have way, not only to find information about the program of the Symposium, but to provide information to participants, indicating (if you choose to) your presence in the room, and in which mode you are: quiet or networking, while in that area of the Symposium. In that way, visually impaired people may respect the quiet or networking options of other participants and know who is in the sessions. The Eventee app is a rough trial application. Please kindly let us know how difficult is it for you to use this application and if it may be practical and/or useful for future events.
(you can download it, for free:

6) Onsite support
Upon arrival and during your stay in Tokyo for the Symposium, if you need to reach out to anyone from the organization, we will have someone located at the Registration Desk (Information Desk). Additionally, you can leave a message at any time to Lina Canas +351 962810602 (via WhatsApp) or LINE, ID: linacanas.

7) Room Capacity
We are glad to announce the room is at full capacity. For reasons of security and sadly for us, we may not admit into the room anyone else. Friends, companions that are not registered and/or support workers may not be admitted. 

We are putting in our best efforts to enthusiastically welcome you to the NAOJ Mitaka campus. We humbly apologize ahead for any possible mistakes during the Symposium. Please feel free to reach out to us with your suggestions. The LOC and SOC look forward to using them to continue forging a symposium created by you.

With all our best,
The IAUS358 Core Team, on behalf of the IAUS 358 Scientific and Local Organizing Committees




Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Location: NAOJ Mitaka Campus, Tokyo, JAPAN
Date: November 12 – 15, 2019
Official Website:

In 2019, November 12 to 15, Japan will host the first IAU symposium on Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The symposium aims to be a roadmap to action, highlighting the role diversity and inclusion play in producing better science, contribute for competitiveness and innovation and to focus on specific steps leading to change on the field. This symposium is aimed at all astronomy professionals that wish to bring inclusiveness to their research and diversity to their teams, practices, work environments and institutions.

This first IAU symposium will lay grounds for future IAU Resolutions on Equity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies in Astronomy. The IAU Resolutions will outline a set of viewpoints and subsequent proposed actions, in alignment with the new IAU Strategic Plan 2020-2030 and will ultimately seek official endorsement by the Executive Committee and the IAU General Assembly in Busan, in 2021. A first presentation of the resolutions will be done during the meeting in Japan. With the same inclusive and open approach that permeates all dialogues of the symposium. The organization wishes to invite everyone to join the project and contribute in their unique way.

The PROGRAM features contributions on the following topics:

  • Learning from Best Practices in Disabilities and Establishing a Framework to Address Equity and Equality in Astronomy Organizations, Facilities and Academic Institutions;
  • Identify and Address Barriers to Access: fostering a climate of inclusivity;
  • New Technologies for Accessibility: diversity and disability;
  • Astronomy for society — Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Empathy in Communicating Astronomy;
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): gender equality and empowerment;
  • IAU100: Global Perspectives on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy.
  • Diversity in Research: identity, ethnicity and culture in research teams

Find out more about each Key Topic here:

If you have any question concerning the Symposium, please contact iaus358contact[at]
The IAUS 358 Scientific and Local Organizing Committees are looking forward to warmly welcoming you in Tokyo, Japan.