Inspiring Stars JAPAN

Below are the fifteen presenters and projects participating in the “Inspiring Stars” exhibit at IAUS358: Astronomy for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. Please click on the project name to learn more about the project description.

  1. Beatriz Garcia — The Universe in All the Senses
  2. Nicolas Boone — The Tactile Universe
  3. Ruben Garcia-Benito —CosMonic
  4. Akihiko Tomita — The 3D Map Geo Tour with Your Fingertips
  5. Anna Voelker — SciAccess Materials
  6. Don Lubowich and Thomas Madura — Edible Astronomy Demonstrations for People with Visual Impairments
  7. Thomas Madura — 3D-Printed Astronomy Models
  8. Erika Labbe — Inclusive Solar Eclipse at Chile
  9. Muhammad Hafez Ahmat Murtza IMPACT Dome
  10. Kate Meredith, presented by Tim Spuck and Nic Bonne
  11. Jeff Hannam and Jeffery Cooke — A sonification toolset: StarSound and VoxMagellan
  12. Carla Fuentes — Multi-wavelength Milky Way Images
  13. Kumiko Usuda-Sato — 3D Tactile Subaru Telescope

The panels (with QR codes) and most exhibitors are organised in a circle around the exhibit space. Two exhibitors are at a table in the middle of the exhibit space.

Explore the Inspiring Stars Official Website here.