The NAOJ Mitaka Campus, Tokyo, Japan, is the chosen facility to host to this IAU Symposium. As an extension of NAOJ full commitment to this proposal, the funding for the rental of the facilities is already secured. NAOJ Accessibility and Inclusion research group has hosted three symposiums on equity and inclusion since 2010 — the “Symposium on Universal Design for Astronomy Education” in Mitaka Campus, with each conference attended by over 120 participants, including people with disabilities. The facilities are well prepared to accommodate the special needs of the participants and they can count on an already experienced team for support. The NAOJ Mitaka Campus is equipped with accessible ramps and unobstructed pathways, audio-guides in different languages, accessible restrooms, etc. The sessions will be presented in multiple accessible formats as necessary. The facilities secured, besides a Large Hall and Lecture Rooms; include an exhibition area, accessible Solar System and a Dome Theater that will be welcoming not only participant by also the local community in special outreach and education activities satellite to the symposium.

How to reach NAOJ Mitaka Campus for the symposium.

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