List of IAU Grantees

“(Un) doing progressive science: Probing Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity at SAAO”
Thembelihle Bongwana
University of the Western Cape
South Africa

“A Multicultural Constellation Viewfinder”
Farid Char
Center of Astronomy, University of Antofagasta

“Bringing Astronomy to the Poorest Rural Communities Using the Raspberry Pi Computer and VO Tools: Our Experiences in Nigeria”
Obi Ikechukwu
Centre for Basic Space Science(CBSS), National Space Research and Development Agency, University of Nigeria Nsukka

“3D Planetary Model of Solar System for Visually Impaired Person: Basic Astronomy Education for Disabilities”
Irsad Tio Majid
State University of Jakarta

“Astronomy for Post-conflict Regions”
Prospery Simpemba
Copperbelt University

“Bi-sensorial Astronomy for Chilean BVI people”
Paredes Sabando Pamela
Universidad de Concepción

“Understanding Perspectives and Mapping a Path to Inclusion for Students With and Without Visual Impairment”
Neha Deshpande
Inter-university Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics

“Girls in the Museum – Pursuing Gender Equity in Astronomy”
Patricia Figueiró Spinelli
Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences (MAST, in the Portuguese acronym)

“Beyond Ethno-astronomy: What Fieldwork Has Taught Me on Women’s Anticipation”
Nurul Fatini Jaafar
Academy of Malay Studies, Universiti Malayaa

“The Advantages of Astrophysics for Those with Reading Impairment: An Empirical Study”
Matthew Schneps
Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (RETIRED)

“The Development of Astronomy in The Topic Apparent Motion of the Sun Using Sign Language at Special School”
Sukmawati Sari
Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

“Enhancing Accessibility through Sonification and Sound Technologies”
Jeffrey Hannam
RMIT University, Australia

“Astronomy Education and Communication in the Brazilian Society: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Empathy in the 21st Century”
“Astronomy for Development in Portuguese-speaking Countries”
Alves-Brito Alan
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

“Communicating Astronomy to Inclusive Kids Using IMPACT Dome: Indonesia Malaysia Project on Astronomy Education Using Tactile Image (IMPACT Dome)”
Amirul Hazim Kamarulzaman
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

“Gender Diversity in the Space Sector: A Report from the Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop 2018”
Kristine Atienza
Space Generation Advisory Council

“Best Practices for the Inclusion and Fostering of Deaf Astronomers”
Marius Eide
Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics

“Astronomy Without Barriers: Mapping of Demonstratives Experiences in Latin America”
Patricia Brogna
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

“Inspiring Stars Exhibition in Vienna”
Martina Koppitz