Inspiring Stars — Ruben Garcia-Benito



CosMonic (COSmos harMONIC) is a sonification project with a triple purpose: a) Analysis (by means of sounds) of all types of data (passenger rail traffic, weather patterns, astrophysical data, …); b) Source of inspiration for artistic creations; (c) Pedagogical and dissemination purposes

It is in this last field where CosMonic has been working recently creating specific cases for the Astro-accesible project, an inclusive astronomy dissemination project for visually impaired people, also aimed at a general public that wants to understand astrophysics in an alternative format.

For this project, CosMonic seeks to create simple examples in their acoustic dimension in order to be easily understood. CosMonic’s philosophy for these sonifications can be summarized in a simple metaphor: painting graphs with sounds.

Sonification is a powerful tool that helps to enhance visual information. Therefore, CosMonic accompanies its audios with animations, using complementary methods so that the concepts reach a general public.