Inspiring Stars — Akihiko Tomita

The 3D Map Geo Tour with Your Fingertips


Our research team had a chance to visit monthly activity for visually-impaired children in Osaka City. We made 15 cm x 15 cm 3D map with height emphasized by five, 250 km x 250 km Kansai area in Japan using numerical data by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan. Using this 3D map as the mold, plaster replica was prepared for each of all the participants. The Kansai area shows many rows of the north-south direction mountain ridges parallel to each other. This means that a great compression force is acting in the east-west direction on the plate of this area. We can understand why we have so many earthquakes in this area. Children shouted, “Interesting!” and all the participants enjoyed understanding the nature of the planet. Children can learn about other countries through their fingertip trip, which can help connect children across the borders of countries and language.