Project Diversity@NAOJ: The 2nd Talk

Date and time: July 26, 2018 12:00 – 13:00

Speaker: Ryoko Ishikawa
(NAOJ, Gender Equality Promotion Committee of NAOJ and NINS)

Title: Gender Equality and Child Care Support in NAOJ – From the View Point of System Users

Language: Japanese with English slides

Even though NAOJ has fallen behind advanced universities and research institutes, it has now established a variety of gender equality systems and childcare support systems. Expanding these systems will not only make NAOJ a more attractive research institution but is also a strong investment in the future astronomy field. In this talk, I will introduce the NAOJ’s support systems for gender equality and childcare based on the viewpoint of Gender Equality Promotion Committee members and system users. Everyone is welcome to participate, not just the concerned parties, i.e. young researchers now dealing with childcare.


第2回 プロジェクト・ダイバーシティ講演

日時: 2018年7月26日 12:00 – 13:00

講演者: 石川遼子

タイトル: 国立天文台の男女共同参画・子育て支援〜制度利用者の視点もふまえて〜

言語: 日本語+英語スライド