Project Diversity@NAOJ: The 8th Talk

Date and time: April 23, 2019 12:00 – 13:00

Speaker: Kumiko Usuda-Sato & Lina Canas

Title: Astronomy for Diversity and Inclusion: Building Networks, Best Practices, and a Roadmap to Action for Change

Language: mainly Japanese with English slides

Everybody has the right to enjoy and experience the Universe, and nobody should be left behind. Even with this “motto” currently being echoed by more and more science outreach groups across the globe, there are still many people that don’t have the opportunity to engage with astronomy.

Here we will share the process of building a national community working on inclusive astronomy in Japan, starting with the Universal Design Working Group in Astronomy in 2006, three editions of the Universal Design (UD) symposia (in 2010, 2013, and 2016) at NAOJ Mitaka headquarters, to finally bridging the international community in 2016. In addition to the symposia, we will discuss how these measures impact our activities and shape the institution in which you work (e.g. audio guides at Mitaka Visitors’ Area, tactile telescope models created with a 3D printer, etc).

In 2019, November 12 to 15, the NAOJ will host the first IAU symposium on Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. This symposium is a natural extension of the actions begun with past UD symposia and intends to be a roadmap to action, highlighting the role diversity and inclusion play in producing better science, contribute for competitiveness and innovation and to focus on specific steps leading to change on the field. This symposium is aimed at all astronomy professionals that wish to bring inclusiveness to their research and diversity to their teams, practices, work environments and institutions. With the same inclusive and open approach that permeates all dialogues of our actions, we wish to invite everyone to join the project and contribute in their unique way.


第8回 プロジェクト・ダイバーシティ講演

日時: 2019年4月23日 12:00 – 13:00

講演者: 臼田-佐藤 功美子&リナ・キャナス

タイトル: タイトル ダイバーシティーとインクルージョンを取り入れた天文学

言語: 主に日本語+英語スライド


本年11月12日から15日の4日間、国際天文学連合(IAU)シンポジウムAstronomy for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – A Roadmap to Action Within the Framework of IAU Centennial Anniversaryが開催されます。IAUが100周年を迎える本年に、天文学研究機関や研究活動において、性別、人種、使用言語、障害の有無など多種多様な人材の個性が活かされるための成功事例や障壁の特定、今後の課題などについて議論します。